2 lbs Shrimp (Medium)
1 cup canola oil, corn oil or vegetable oil
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup of ketchup
1/4 cup tarragon vinegar
1 small jar of capers, frained and rinsed
6 to 8 leves
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp worchestershire sauce
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dry mustard
2 small white onions, thickly sliced

Boil enough water to generously cover all of the shrimp. Peel and devein the shrimp, leaving the tails on, and boil the shrimp for no more than three minutes or until the shrimp turn pink, the drain the water.

While the shrimp are boiling, mix the oil, cider vinegar, ketchup, tarragon vinegar, lemon juice, Worchestershire sauce, bay leaves, sugar, salt, and dry mustard in a bowl. When your shrimp are ready, take the sliced onions and layer them with the shrimp in a large, shallow dish before pouring the oil mixture over them.

Leave in the refrigerator to marinate for up to 2 days, stirring occasionally, Discard the bay leaves before serving.

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