2 lbs of ANY fish
1 cup yellow mustard
1 Box Louisiana Fish Fry
1 jar of pickles
Vegetable or canola oil
French bread
Cole Slaw

Place the filets in a bowl and pour on the yellow mustard. Pour the Louisiana Fish Fry into a seperate shallow dish, then place the filets in the fish fry until they’re coated on all sides.

Grab a large pot, pour in the oil, and heat it up to between 325 and 350 degrees. (Don;t let it get any hotter than 400 degrees.) Carefully place the filets in the oil and cook them for around 7 minutes on each side until they’re a deep , golden brown and crispy. Remove each filet and frain it on a row of paper towels.

Place 1-2 felets on the french bread and top with pickles and cole slaw.

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